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Mevco Mailing Equipment

Available in Six Basic Configurations, the 6404 Series can be Adapted for almost any folding and inserting applications.

· Speed: Up to 4,300/hr

· 10.4" color touch screen

· High-capacity stacker

· Inserts top/middle/bottom address documents                            

Formax 6602 Folder/Inserter

· Local Phone

· Local Service

· Backup systems

· Factory trained staff


The versatile 6604 Series adapts to most any folding and inserting application. Models are available with 2 - 7 stations, offering the flexibility to meet your specific needs. A variety of input configurations includes a high-capacity document feeder for up to 725 sheets, 1 or 2 high-capacity production feeders, standard and special feeders, and short feed trays. The 6604 Series is capable of folding and inserting top, middle and bottom-address documents into top-flap envelopes.

Standard features include a large 10.4” reversible full-color touchscreen control panel, a vertical output stacker which can hold up to 500 filled envelopes, along with a large top-loading envelope hopper with a capacity of up to 500 envelopes. The 6604 includes a new energy-saving feature which automatically puts the inserter into standby mode after 1 hour of being idle.


Formax 6404 Folder/Inserter

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