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Mevco Mailing Equipment

Coupled with enhanced sorting capabilities, the Model 306s is a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications.

Envelopes can be output to two locations based    on programmable criteria such as thickness, length, and height.

With its ability to identify “primary mail” from “secondary mail,” the Model 306s helps to ensure maximum productivity by opening and sorting envelopes in a single pass.

Model 306 S

· Local Phone

· Local Service

· Backup systems

· Factory trained staff


• Groups items into pre-selected lot sizes

90˚ Powered Conveyor

• Adds capacity & larger space to manage output

Reports Printer

• Produces a variety of statistics reports for

monitoring machine performance

High-Speed Inkjet Printer

• Prints a variety of custom strings, date & time,

sequential numbering & ID Tag barcodes

• Prints up to 4 lines.


Length 47.75" (121.285 cm)

Depth 21" (53.34 cm)

Height 58" (147.32 cm)


Speed Up to 40,000 / hour

Envelope Sizes & Types Lengths up to 13.5" (34.29 cm)

(including overnight packs)

Thickness Up to 0.50" (1.27 cm)

Depth of Cut From 0.01” (0.03 cm) from envelope

edge up to 0.125” (0.32 cm) in depth

Feeder Hopper Capacity Up to 400 envelopes

Stand & Waste Bin Included

The Model 306 S

• Intuitive & easy-to-use operator interface for job setup

To contact us:

Phone 952-955-1448

Email: mevcomailing@gmail.com

Option: Vac Collection System. Keep Mill Chips under control.



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