Text Box: Mevco Mailing Equipment

Just some of the customer that have been with Mevco for many years!

Customer Referrals Part 1

Text Box: Do Good Biz is a leader in the Mail Service Business. Specializing in helping their customer get the best possible price for their postal dollar.  From Left to right Randy, Thad, Araceli and Maria. They have been a customer of Mevco for over 10 years

For more information about DO-Good-Biz check them out on the Web. Or call  612-789-7226 or  thad@do-good.biz.


Web page: www.do-good.biz

Do Good Biz

Delegard Tool is a fifty year old, family-owned automotive tool distributor. They provide professional mechanics with quality hand, air, body and specialized tools. They have been a customer of Mevco for over 11 years now.

In the picture is Kim and she is standing in front of a WJ150 Mailing Machine from Mevco

If you would like more information about Delegard Tool, you can find them on the Web at: www.delegardtool.com


Delegard Tool

This is Renee ,Debbie & Peter standing in front of the Folding machine that they have serviced by Mevco. They have been a customer of ours for all most 12 years.

The signs read Get Folded by Mevco held up by Chris. And Debbies’ Sign says “Circle be Bill” like in the Twins game.  I thought a Halo might be more appropriate.


For information about Bethlehem Lutheran Church go to the Web page                              www.bethlehem-church.org

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

The Inspectors of Election provides community association members and managing agents - efficient, safe and cost effective - all inclusive “turn key” election administration services.

This is Kurtis Peterson standing by his Formax Colormax 7 printer that he bought from Mevco.

For more information on their service, find them on the Web at

The Inspectors of Election


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