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About Us

Text Box: Mevco was established in 1995 and incorporated  in 1997.  In that time we have risen to over 1685 customers and still have most of the original customers from day one..
In those 19 plus years we have used the old fashion rules that arenít practiced so much today.
The customer is always right. 
If you have to take sides, be on the side of the customers.
Answer your phone with a person.
Try never to let the customer be unhappy that they did business with you.
Keep the customer up and running. 
Provide loaner equipment when possible, or provide mail service when you canít..
And remember, when a customer gives you the order they also giving you their trust., donít let them down.
These are the words that we do business by and always will. William Mevissen fonder.

Mevco Mailing Equipment

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Phone 952-955-1448

Email: mevcomailing@gmail.com