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Mevco Mailing Equipment

Print Return Address, Logo, Postage and Main Address on blank envelopes or cards

Print Labels for Shipping

Tracks Package and E-mails customer that a package has been sent.

Better then a Postage Meter

· Local Phone

· Local Service

· Backup systems

· Factory trained staff

Printing Envelops

Imagine having a mailing system that not only will print your postage, but will print the whole envelope, too. Printing could include the main address with intelligent barcode, plus your return address with company logo, and postage all from the same printer.

It will also print invoice statements and checks, or you could transfer them electronically on the same system.

Shipping via USPS

The Quasar Mailing System has USPS shipping built right in. Shipping packages or large envelopes made easy. The Quasar System comes with a label printer that will print a 4”x6” label. Including the USPS Tracking Barcode. This unit will automatically email the recipient that a package has been sent and will include the tracking number in case they would like to track the package them selves'.

The Quasar Mailing System  comes with a 10lb scale, Brother label printer for shipping, and a Canon color printer for envelopes. Optional: 25lb. Or 75lb. scales



Conventional or Electronic Invoicing

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