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The Omation 2112 Envelope opener offers proven technology for mid-sized mail-opening jobs. This compact unit provides mailroom automation for mid-volumes of incoming mail, and it is equipped with the same milling cutter technology as the higher speed Omation 306 Envelope opener. With thousands of Omation envelope openers installed throughout businesses and governmental agencies, the 2112 delivers an economical solution for automated envelope extraction.

Model 2112 Envelope Milling Cutter

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Processing up to 400 envelopes per minute, this machine can remove as little as .01" to .07" (.25 mm – 1.79 mm) chips from the envelope edge. The 2112 handles first-class mail or overnight letter packages in various lengths, including up to 0.188" (4.8 mm) in thickness.

The Omation 2112 is the latest advancement in envelope opening technology. Features include:
•Milling Cutter: protects contents, eliminates paper cuts and minimizes waste
•Cut depth lever: two cut-depth settings and no-cut setting for envelope counting
•Opens up to 400 envelopes per minute
•Indicator light for chip tray removal
•Advanced self- adjusting feeder for efficient mixed mail opening

By using the same unique high-speed milling technology as Omation's larger Envelope opener, the Model 306, the 2112 prevents sliced contents and produces a soft, feathered edge.

The Omation 2112 Milling Letter Opener

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