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Complete Digital Mailing Solutions with Weigh-In-Motion and Shaped Based Measuring.

American Made, all steel construction, PC driven, Low Ink cost, Differential weighing optional.

Data Pac DP 200 W


Text Box: The CRV160/200 is an all in one Mailing Machine, built-in 70 lb. scale, full fledged PC with Windows 7,  In-motion-weighing, label printer for large flats and parcels.  Interface to the Internet for postage or to send information to other departments

Data Pac CRV 160 or the CRV 200

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The DP155 is designed for the medium to smaller user. all steel constructions and driven by a PC with Windows 7,  An external interface,5 lb scale and  a Lap top PC and high volume catch tray, makes this the ideal postage machine. For medium to small mailers.

Data-Pac DP155



Text Box: Low cost Postage Mailing System with no long term meter rental. Addresses envelopes, prints postage, ships packages. Quasar will tracks your packages, will do electronic billing and receiving also.
Text Box: The Quasar Mailing System



 The Excalibur Seal Only Machine is for High to Medium Volume. With a Large Sealer Solution container, it can seal thousands of variable sizes of envelopes. No need to nest your envelopes with the Excalibur, just load and seal



Mevco’s Excalibur Seal Only Machine



Design for the smaller sealing customer. Can handle a verity of mail types.

Very quite and steady sealing. Large Sealing Solution Bottle.


Mevco Lance Seallot

Mailing Machines and

Seal only Machines.

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