Quality at its’Best!

Lowest ink cost on the market

PC driven (Lap Top)

Commercial discounts built in.

Internet data transfer

Internet postage loading.

Down load rate changes

Down load upgrades easy and fast

Complete Mailing System

· Low Cost Supplies

· Local Service

· Local Phones.

· When you call we answer.

Interface external 5 lb Scale


Rate changes included.


Design for those who want to print mail

and electronically send invoice to others


Wireless communication


Lowest ink cost on the market


Option printer for flats or parcels


Print labels with full address and tracking #


Uses the latest computer technology available.


Envelopes go in blank, but leave with Postage and also can print the Address, Return address and any message you would like. Plus total high quality Pictures or logos.






Quasar Mailing Systems

Mevco Mailing Equipment

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